Cute Orange Flying Butterfly The Roughest Road Often Leads To The Top
The Roughest Road Often Leads To The Top
Go ahead
Yell some more
Remind me of how pathetic I am
Say that I am nothing
Tell me everything I already know
All the words you could ever think
Have already been thought in my head
Everything you could ever speak
I’ve already told myself ten times over
You don’t think I already know how unworthy I am?
How unlovable and repulsive I am?
You don’t think I’ve already realized I do not deserve good fortune?
That I deserve to be unhappy beyond comprehension?
Because I know
Oh god, I know
Nobody hates me more than I do
Not even you
You could not begin to understand the loathing and self-hate I have inside me
- I fucking hate me (via psychedelic-rhapsody)